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My Hope For This Blog

Leaky Toilets With Constant Clogs: The Cause & How Much A Replacement Costs

Ross Stewart

Does your toilet continually leak and get clogged up? There are several things that can be causing the problem, but you may simply need to invest in a new toilet. In this article, find out why your toilet leaks and clogs up all the time, as well as how much you will have to spend on a replacement.

What Can Cause a Toilet to Leak & Get Clogged Up All of the Time?

A toilet that leaks at the base is often caused due to there being a problem with the wax ring. The ring is a vital part of the toilet because it is responsible for not only preventing water from seeping out when you flush, but also for preventing foul odors from seeping out. A plumber can disassemble the toilet and replace the wax ring if it is determined that it is faulty or old.

Constant clogging can mean that there is a problem with the drain line. If people in your home constantly place large amounts of tissue in the toilet, it can become entrapped in the drain line. A clogged drain line can weaken the flow of water between your toilet and the sewage system, which makes it harder to flush.

However, a clogged toilet can also be a sign that it is old or one with a low flow. You toilet is likely not producing enough pressure to flush tissue and human waste. A low flow toilet will continue to be a problem no matter how many times it is unclogged. You will need to invest in a more powerful one to resolve the problem.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Toilet if Necessary?

Replacing an old toilet will depend on the type you invest in and if there are any plumbing repairs that will have to be done during installation. The price will also depend on if you are hiring a plumber to install the toilet for you or not. You can expect to pay between $60 and $7,000 for a new toilet to be installed based on what you want done.

Make sure a plumber from a company like Trenchless Pipe Technologies is hired to thoroughly inspect your toilet to find out why it leaks and clogs up a lot before opting to purchase a new one. The problem may be an easy repair that can be taken care of in no time with the help of a local plumber!