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My Hope For This Blog

How To Improve The Security Of Client Information In Your Offices

Ross Stewart

Keeping client information secured is an extremely important responsibility for any business. There are ways that you can increase the security of client information in your offices through changes in your physical office structure and through your office protocols. Should your client information be leaked, you could be found personally liable -- in addition to losing the faith of your clients.

Replace the Desk Locks in Your Offices

Most desks today come with locking file cabinets for client information. But these locks often have the exact same keys and come with multiple copies of keys. You may want to have a locksmith replace the desk locks to ensure that they are secured. Otherwise, you should have protocols in place that ensure that employees do not keep any confidential data within their desks.

Use Separate Locks for File Rooms and Server Rooms

There are many reasons why someone who doesn't have access to client files might have access to your office. For instance, cleaning staff may have keys to the external doors. You should keep separate locks for file rooms and server rooms to ensure that these staff members cannot get into these more confidential areas. Furthermore, keys to these confidential areas should only be given to those who absolutely need it.

Call a Locksmith to Replace Your Locks Following Layoffs

Any time someone leaves a company on a less than willing basis, you should always call a locksmith and replace any locks. Acquiring a locksmith is usually a fairly affordable process and will absolutely guarantee that your keys do not fall into the wrong hands. Even if a key does say "do not copy" on it, it's no guarantee that a copy hasn't actually been made -- it just means a reputable locksmith won't make a replacement key.

Offer Free Replacement Keys

It can be tempting to charge employees for the rekeying of locks when keys have been lost. But in reality, this usually only makes employees hesitate to report that their keys are lost. Offering free replacements will encourage employees to come forward as soon as possible.

Remember to always limit your keys, key cards and access codes to those who absolutely need them. If someone does not either open or close the office, there's no reason that they should have to have keys. It can be tempting to hand out keys to those who have earned them through promotions or otherwise, but if they aren't needed, they just represent a security risk. 

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