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My Hope For This Blog

The Dos And Don'ts Of Preventing Toilet Clogs

Ross Stewart

Dealing with toilet clogs is never a pleasant experience, but it's something that most homeowners and even renters will run into at one point or another. When a serious clog occurs, it's in your best interest to call a plumbing professional. However, there are some steps that you and others in your household can take to help prevent toilet clogs and prolong the life of your home's plumbing system as a whole.

DO Hold a "What Not to Flush" Presentation

A lot of times, clogs are caused when products that aren't supposed to be flushed are put down the toilet. If clogs have become a common occurrence at your home, you might consider talking with the other members of your household about what is appropriate to flush down the toilet versus what could damage the plumbing system. For example, many women don't realize that they're not supposed to flush tampons, and a lot of people also don't know that most baby wipes and other cotton-based paper products (such as cotton balls) can also clog toilet drains. Sometimes, then, all it takes is a little clarification to resolve this issue.

DO Keep Toilet Bowl Jets Clean

Around the inside perimeter of your toilet bowl, there are multiple jets that are used to pump water out as your toilet flushes. Over time, these jets can become dirty and/or clogged, which can reduce their power and thus make your toilet more prone to clogging. Every few weeks, then, it's in your best interest to clean off those jets using your toilet bowl cleaner or a toothbrush that's no longer being used.

DON'T Use Just Any Drain Cleaner

Finally, don't make the mistake of pouring just any drain cleaner down your toilet in an effort to keep your toilet drain clear. Be sure to carefully read the label of any store-bought drain cleaner, as many of them are not safe for use in toilet drains. That's because many drain cleaners contain chemicals that product a great amount of heat while in action; this heat can be damaging to the plastic components of your toilet and its drainage system. 

Now that you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to preventing clogs in your toilet, you can be sure to better protect your home's plumbing system. As a result, you could save some money on maintenance and repairs down the road. For really bad clogs, contact a company like Always On Call Mountain Mechanical for help, and ask what they recommend in the future to prevent blockages.