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My Hope For This Blog

About The Worthiness Of An Air-Entrained Concrete Driveway

Ross Stewart

Are you tired of the bricks shifting in your driveway and want to get it reconstructed with concrete? You can also have problems with a concrete driveway, but it will be more durable if you get it constructed with air-entrained concrete. Find out below how an air-entrained concrete driveway can make your investment worthy, as well as what construction is estimated to cost.    

What is Air-Entrained Concrete?

Unlike the typical concrete that is used for constructing a driveway, air-entrained concrete contains a lot of microscopic bubbles. The bubbles are created by a contractor putting air in the concrete mixture. The amount of air used will depend on the quality of concrete that you invest in.

The air bubbles will make up a large portion of the consistency of the concrete. However, you don't have to worry about the strength of the concrete being compromised from the presence of bubbles. Air-entrained concrete is created with bubbles of a certain size and spaced in a specific way to keep the concrete firm.

What Makes Air-Entrained Concrete a Worthy Investment?

Air-entrained concrete is worthy because the bubbles in it can keep your driveway durable, as less maintenance will be necessary. The air bubbles are able to prevent the concrete from getting damaged from too much pressure. For instance, concrete can develop pressure when it is frozen and the ice begins to thaw out. The air bubbles will give the water from thawed ice a way to escape.

If you use regular concrete, water will have nowhere to escape except by rising to the surface of the driveway. The pressure sits under the aggregate materials until it forces its way through and causes surface scaling. You then end up having to invest in repairs. Air-entrained concrete gets rid of the problem of premature surface scaling. Concrete can naturally get cracked and scaly over time, but it lasts longer when it is air entrained.

What is the Estimated Price of a Concrete Driveway?

The square footage of the driveway will be the main thing factored into the price of construction. Hiring a professional to remove the old driveway materials can also affect the price. You can expect to spend at least $900 or more for your new driveway. Get in touch with a contractor (such as one from so that he or she can start constructing your air-entrained concrete driveway as soon as possible!