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My Hope For This Blog

Three Types Of Metal Roofing That Can Be Used To Replace Asphalt Shingles

Ross Stewart

If you have asphalt shingles, they will eventually need to be replaced after years of wear. The asphalt deteriorates and the shingles will begin to fall apart. An alternative to asphalt that you may want to consider is metal roofing. With metal roofing, there are choices of many different styles for different budgets. You can even have stamped metal shingles installed on your home. Here are the choices you have to replace your asphalt with metal roofing:

1. Stamped Metal Roofing For A Decorative Look

Stamped metal roofing can give you a metal roofing choice that is similar to shingles. In fact, these roofing products are often shingle styles and installed in the same manner as asphalt materials. They can come in decorative roofing tiles, shakes and other styles to give you a choice of the look of the new metal roofing on your home. It will also be easy to repair any damage with this type of roofing by simply replacing damaged pieces, which is something that you will probably rarely, if ever, have to do.

2. Long Lasting And Durable Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing can give you one of the best roofing solutions. Seamless systems have seams that are above the roof, which are fastened together in a way that makes them less likely to leak. In addition to a standing seam, you can also have a rubber membrane installed beneath this material to give it extra protection.  This can be used to ensure that wood roof decking does not rot due to small leaks that may get beneath the roofing, or due to condensation that can form on or under metal when weather changes.

3. Affordable Roofing Solutions With Metal Roofing Panels

There are also some affordable roofing solutions if you want to use metal roofing on your home. Metal roofing panels can also be used for your new roof, which can cost less than stamped or standing seam solutions. These are panels that overlap each other to provide a water-tight seal. They can also come in many different styles, which tin roofs are the most recognizable example of metal roofing. They can even easily be installed by any DIY enthusiast and are ideal for smaller homes.

These are some of the choices that you may want to consider to replace your asphalt shingles with new metal roofing. If you are ready to have a new, long-lasting roof installed on your home, contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about the best options for your budget.

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