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My Hope For This Blog

Three Ways To Treat Cedar Lumber And Preserve The Natural Finish

Ross Stewart

If you are doing projects with cedar lumber, you may want to treat the materials to help prevent decay and aging. This can be done by using stains and sealants, but they will also change the natural look of the grain. If you want to preserve the natural look of cedar lumber, there are some alternatives to conventional sealants and stains that you may want to consider. Here are some natural treatments that you can use to preserve your cedar wood:

1. Letting Your Cedar Age To A Natural Silver Color

If you want to have a natural-looking wood finishing, letting cedar age naturally without any treatment is one option you may want to consider. If you are using a red cedar material, it will turn a silver-grey color over years of weathering. The good news is that cedar has properties that makes it naturally resistant to rot and insects. This makes cedar a good choice for materials that does not require any type of sealant or protection from insects and weathering. It can last for many years with just a minimal amount of care, such as an occasional pressure washing.

2. Using A Clear Oil Treatment To Protect Cedar Materials

Another option that you may want to consider is using a clear oil treatment. Many oils can be used for this, such as linseed oil. If you choose to use linseed oil, you will want to use gloves when applying it to the wood because it has properties that are hazardous to your health. Oil may slightly change the color of the wood, but it is semi-transparent and will help preserve the natural color of cedar. It is something that you will need to apply to the wood regularly to preserve the color and look of the cedar lumber.

3. Applying A Protective Wax Coat Using Bees' Wax

Wax is another natural solution to protect the look of your cedar lumber. Bees' wax is a natural, clear wax that can be applied to wood surfaces to protect them from weathering and discoloration. If you use a wax treatment, you will want to apply it to the surface regularly to get the most protection. You may also want to apply a coat to materials like decking and wood fencing before they are installed, which will ensure that all the hard-to-get to places have a protective wax coating.

These are some natural solutions that you can use to preserve the natural look of cedar materials. If you are ready to start on a project with cedar materials, contact a cedar lumber supplier like Hatboro Lumber & Fuel Co.  and talk with them about the best materials to use for your projects and how to care for them.