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My Hope For This Blog

Three Reasons Why Your Pool Contractor Would Use Pool Rebar

Ross Stewart

If you are in the process of planning a new pool for your yard, you probably have several quotes from several pool contractors. As you look these quotes and estimates over, you may notice that one or more of them have "pool rebar" listed among the materials lists. As such, you may be wondering why a pool contractor would need to use any kind of rebar to construct a pool. Here are three reasons why your pool contractor would use rebar.

You Have Requested a Custom Pool

Customers who request a custom pool, (i.e., a pool with a very unique shape or a pool with graduated depths that go really deep) often have pools that are constructed with steel rebar. The rebar helps create the shape or depth that the customer wants without having to build specialty concrete forms. The rebar also reinforces the unique shape and/or depth so that not much else needs to be done to maintain the shape/depth of your custom pool.

Special Kinds of Quickcrete Can Be Used in Place of Traditional Concrete

When rebar is used to form, shape and reinforce a pool, then special kinds of "quickcrete," or quick-drying concrete, can be used in place of the more traditional types of concrete. The quickcrete used is designed to withstand several thousand PSI of water. With the rebar installed within the pool's walls, the quickcrete and the rebar work together to make a very strong pool within a very short time. This means that your pool is completed faster, dries and solidifies quicker and can be used sooner than you expected. If you are trying to install your pool before a certain date and you want to beat that deadline, then the contractor may use rebar and the quickcrete to meet your expectations. 

You Live Close to a Fault Line or Live Within a Major Earthquake Zone

Many pools in California have been built with pool rebar. The rebar helps the pools maintain their shape and reinforces them against the numerous ground tremors that occur in this state. If the rebar was not used during construction, there is a chance that a major earthquake would break up the concrete of the pool and cause some major damage. Even if you do not live in California, your pool may be built with rebar if you live close to any other major fault lines or earthquake zones in the U.S.

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