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My Hope For This Blog

3 Solutions To Improve Septic Systems With Multiple Tanks And Chambered Designs

Ross Stewart

If you have an older septic system that your home has outgrown, replacing it may be the best option for repairs or improvements. When it is time to replace your septic system, there are many modern septic system designs to choose from, such as multiple tanks with grey water separation, chambered tanks and drainage, and other solutions. If you are replacing your septic system, here are some modern improvements that you will want to consider:

1. Chambered Tank Design For Better Treatment Of Waste

Chambered septic system designs can be a good solution to improve your tank. The tank can have a design that includes several tanks, which helps to better separate solids and waste. It also helps to keep the solid waste out of the liquid affluent; preventing problems with the drainfield of your system that can be very costly to repair.

2. Installing A Grey Water System To Reduce Stress On Your System

Grey water collection can be another improvement that you may want to consider. Not only will it help to reduce stress on your septic tank, but also it can provide you with other benefits. You can have a grey water filtration and collection system added to your home. This can keep this waste water out of your septic system, which can also be used for things like irrigation and exterior maintenance to your home. These types of systems separate grey water from things like appliances and then use them for things like watering the lawn or even to flush the toilets in your home.

3. Multiple Chambers In The Design Of A Drain Field And Bio Filtration Medium

Multiple chambers are also used in the design of a drain field for many modern septic systems. This is a drainage system that has the drain tile, filter medium and an exterior shell. The filtration medium can be a natural material like moss, which will absorb the contaminates of waste before it ever reaches the ground. These systems can be better for the environment, as well as a good solution where soil is too poor for a conventional septic system design.

These are some of the solutions that you will want to consider if you want to have a septic system with a modern design that will give you less headaches. If you are ready to update your septic system, contact a septic service and talk with them about the improvements that your system may need. For more information, contact a business such as Moon Septic.