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My Hope For This Blog

It's Electrical: 4 Signs You Need To Have Your Wiring Updated

Ross Stewart

When it comes to remodeling and updating your home, you might not think much about the electrical wiring. However, if you live in an older home, and the wiring has never been updated, you might be looking at potential electrical problems. In fact, your home could be sending you warning signs right now. Here are four signs that your home wiring should be replaced.

Lights That Flicker or Dim

When your wiring is in good shape, your lights should stay lit. However, if your lights flicker or dim when you turn other lights or appliances on, you could have a problem with your wiring. Flickering and dimming means that either the wiring is being overworked, or there's a short in the circuit between the light fixture and the wiring. Either way, you need to have an electrician come out and inspect your wiring.

Scorch Marks on Wall Outlets

Take a look at your wall outlets. If you can see burns or scorch marks on the front of the outlets, your wiring is overheating. Those scorch marks mean that your outlets have gotten hot enough to start a fire. Place child proofing outlet covers over the burned outlets and discontinue use until an electrician can come out to your home to assess the damage.

Burning Smell Inside the Walls

Faulty wiring can lead to electrical fires. Most electrical fires being inside the walls of your home. Unfortunately, that means you might not realize that your house is on fire until it's fully engulfed in flames. If you smell smoke coming from inside the walls or attic of your home, or you smell something odd coming from the outlets, leave your home immediately. Call 911 and have them come out to inspect your home. If fire officials don't find an active fire, contact your electrician and have them come out to inspect the wiring in your home.

GFCI Switches That Frequently Shut Off

If you have a ground fault circuit interrupter switch – or GFCI switch – in your home, it's designed to shut the electricity off to your outlets to prevent electrical emergencies. If your GFCI switch is shutting off on a regular basis, requiring you to reset it each time, you might have a short somewhere in the circuit that leads to that switch. Contact an electrician as soon as possible.

Research shows that there are about 51,000 residential electrical fires each year in the US. You can avoid being included in those statistics by keeping your homes electrical system in good working condition. If you experience any of the problems described above, be sure to have an electrician like Narducci Electric come out to your home.