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My Hope For This Blog

Dental Office Paint Color Considerations

Ross Stewart

If you have recently opened a new dental office in your area, then you likely want the office to appear as inviting as possible. Adding the right decor and furnishings can help with this, and so can the color scheme that you choose for the space. Color schemes can be successfully implemented with paint, and commercial painters can add whatever paint you choose for the walls. If you have not already considered colors, then keep reading to learn about some helpful tips to choose the right colors for the space.

Opt For Muted Tones

Studies show that certain colors evoke emotions and physical reactions. For example, the color red can cause you to breathe more heavily and for blood to circulate more quickly through the body. It also can make you much more aware. Unfortunately, these things can also heighten anxiety levels, and this is not ideal for a dental office. This means that you should avoid bright red paint. Bright yellow can cause anxiety as well, and dark blue can have a somber effect on an interior environment. 

In general, dark and bright colors are not soothing or calming, so consider choosing a muted color scheme for your dental office. Light blue is one of the best colors to use, because it evokes a feeling of calm and peace. Light green is also a peaceful color, and lighter tones of yellow can leave patients feeling happy and content.

If you do not like a lot of color, then think about using a plain white for the walls. White is a color that individuals often associate with cleanliness. The color is not emotional, but practical, and this is likely to leave patients feeling as though they are in a safe environment. 

Do Not Use Contrasting Colors

Once you decide on your color scheme, you should make sure that all paint tones and colors match or compliment the main color. If you use contrasting colors or several different tones in the office, then this may invoke a feeling of unease or discomfort. Contrasting colors are typically used to grab a person's attention or to create movement throughout a space. This is not ideal in an environment that is meant to be peaceful.

To make sure your paint colors compliment, choose one color that will be the main focus and also a secondary color. For example, if you chose light blue, then a good secondary color will be a light orange or a brown-orange tone. Also, a beige or brown with a yellow tone will work well. Use the complimentary color or secondary color for trim and smaller rooms that sit against ones painted blue. Not only should complimentary colors be used for paint, but they also should be considered when adding flooring, ceilings, and furniture to the space to retain a calm feeling. 

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