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My Hope For This Blog

Paved Driveway Care: Four Suggestions

Ross Stewart

After the expense and time it took to have your driveway paved, of course you'd want to do anything possible to maintain the new appearance. Knowing that it could begin to appear aged after some time, you might be searching for techniques and ideas which slow down that aging process. Explore the driveway care suggestions below.

Have Coating Applied

Often, your first attempt at protection is the application of a coating on the entire driveway. Sealcoating "locks in" the asphalt as it is right now; the coating should protect against sun rays and be somewhat resistant to liquids. The mistake many people make though, is to assume that the coating is going to last decades. For best results and appearance, the process should be repeated much more often. Every year or every two years is probably a better idea. Your paving contractor should properly advise you so that the coating can be most effective.

Clean It

The coating doesn't mean that cleaning the entirety of the driveway is no longer necessary. Sweeping up and removing debris not only protects the coating but the asphalt too. Without this kind of regular cleaning, of course the driveway won't look as well as it could. However, more seriously, excess water could end up degrading and infiltrating the asphalt. Cracks could happen. Schedule minor cleaning for you, your children or your spouse to handle.

Change Parking Habits

Like many, you probably have a favorite spot to stop your vehicle whenever you roll over the asphalt. However, it's smart to switch it up and select slightly different places each day or week. If you insist on a particular spot, the asphalt will wear and sink more in that area, creating a slightly uneven appearance. More evenly spacing out weight over time prevents that.

Handle Cracks Fas

A hairline crack in one section probably doesn't ring alarm bells, but leaving it alone may threaten the driveway at large. Cracks could have consequences for both the asphalt and soil under it; rain, vehicle pressure and other factors could deepen or lengthen cracks and cause additional ones. Your paving contractor ought to be consulted quickly.

The paved driveway you were so happy about can continue to satisfy you when it looks great due to these suggestions. Bring up particular concerns or questions with your paving contractor when you have time so that you're confident about driveway condition going forward. For more information, contact companies like Panther Construction Inc.