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My Hope For This Blog

Glaze Vs Epoxy Finishes

Ross Stewart

There are many ways to repair and restore old concrete. If your concrete is dissolving and corroding from years of usage, it can not only look ugly, it can also be dangerous to walk on. Many people choose to completely refinish their concrete, but there are a few ways that you can simply resurface it without having to apply any actual concrete. This article explains two of the most common methods that homeowners can use to restore an old slab of concrete and make it more functional and stylish.


Glazed finishes are one of the best solutions for an old piece of concrete. A glaze can go on top of an uneven piece of concrete and fill in all the gaps, divots, cracks, and holes.The glaze will self level as it dries, and basically leave behind a much flatter and smoother surface. The glaze gives the concrete a little bit of shine and preserves whatever is underneath it. So, the old concrete, even though it is corroded, will still be visible to some extent. This can actually look great.

Of course, some people want to hide the original corrosion and try to make the concrete look like it is brand new. For such customers, tinted glazes are a great solution. The color can hide any of the original concrete underneath and change the color of your concrete. It is important to realize that a glaze finish will make your concrete much smoother. The only problem is that this can make the surface much more slippery when it gets wet. But, this new surface is also much easier to clean. It doesn't stain as easily, and you can usually sweep it or wash it off with the hose without any problems.


Epoxy finishes are similar to glazes except that they are solid and a little bit softer. An epoxy finish dries with a slightly rubbery feel. Similarly, epoxy will cover the concrete, filling in all the blemishes underneath, and then leave behind a much smoother surface. In the end, the main difference between an epoxy finish and a glaze finish is kind of like the difference between a paint finish in a stain finish. One is completely solid while the other is translucent. Both can be great, but it really depends on what you want your concrete to look like. That is, the maintenance requirements are similar. Both are easy to clean and maintain. So, you should make your decision based on which look you prefer.

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