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My Hope For This Blog

Commercial Glass Door Problems You Might Experience

Ross Stewart

Glass doors are commonly used in commercial properties, and while these doors are able to give your businesses a welcoming and professional impression, they can require some basic repairs in order to keep them in working condition. For businesses that experience heavy foot traffic, these doors can suffer wear at a much higher rate, which can make it necessary to prepare for these malfunctions.

Water Seeping Through The Door

Water seeping through the under the doors or around the edges of the glass will often be traced to seals that are no longer able to hold the water out of the building. This can lead to considerable damage occurring to the building during heavy rains as a large amount of water may be able to enter through these doors if they are not repaired. In addition to the structural damage that this may cause, it can also lead to legal issues as individuals may slip on the water that has leaked into the building. Replacing these seals can be difficult as they will have to be perfectly positioned to be effective and avoid interfering with the performance of the door.

Damaged Lettering

Many commercial glass doors will utilize lettering to help provide basic information to customers. Unfortunately, this lettering can be damaged by a variety of cleaning agents that may simply be too harsh. After repeated washings, these cleaning solutions may be able to cause the lettering to peel away from the glass door. One this damage has started, the lettering will have to be replaced. However, you may be able to avoid this problem in the future by limiting yourself to cleaning agents that are safe for use on glass with lettering on it. Thoroughly rinsing these cleaning agents will also be important as they can prove to be corrosive if left on the lettering too long.

Minor Scratches

Minor scratches in the glass door can be one of the more frequent types of damage. Often, the damage will occur from the objects that customers bring with them as they may bang into the glass door when they are entering the building. Minor scratches to your glass door can usually be repaired without much additional cost. These repairs will involve placing a filler agent in the glass scratches and allowing it to dry. Generally, these repairs are extremely subtle, and once they have dried, customers or other people visiting the business will be unable to tell that these resins were used.

Contact a commercial glass repair service company in your area for more information.