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My Hope For This Blog

Ideas For Turning An Airstream Into A Secondary Suite

Ross Stewart

If you plan to have an elderly parent live with you, it's common to have a secondary suite in your home. Sometimes known as an "in-law suite" or a "granny suite," this term describes a separate living area. Some houses have secondary suites built in, while many homeowners have additions built for this purpose. You don't necessarily have to change your residence to accommodate the arrival of an elderly family member, however. One option is to buy an Airstream trailer, renovate it to suit, and then set it up in your yard. This will give your loved one private living quarters without being too far away. Here some ideas for turning the Airstream into a secondary suite.

Ample Floor Space

Some people fill their Airstream trailers with furniture and other items to the point at which it's difficult to navigate the space. You'll want to do the opposite when you're doing an Airstream renovation to use it as a secondary suite. Some elderly people can be unstable on their feet, so having ample floor space will be important. You may wish to install elements that attach to the walls and fold down, rather than sit on the floor. For example, a table can fold down for use, and then be folded back up so that it's not a trip hazard.

Grab Bars

When you're renovating a bathroom for an elderly person, you'll commonly want to add grab bars in strategic locations. You can take the same approach when you're converting an Airstream into a secondary suite. Grab bars in the trailer's bathroom will be important. For example, a bar next to the toilet will help your family member get on and off the toilet safely and with relative ease. Where wall space is available, you may want to place additional grab bars so that your family member can hold onto them while walking, as needed.

Two-Way Intercom System

An addition that can provide peace of mind is a two-way intercom system that you can set up in the Airstream and in your home. Being able to contact your loved one with a push of the button — and, more importantly, have him or her be able to contact you when the need arises — can help you to feel confident in your loved one's ability to live independently. Illnesses, medical issues, and general requests can all be dealt with through the simple push of a button.