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My Hope For This Blog

The Benefits Of SIP Shelters Compared To Traditionally Constructed Shelters

Ross Stewart

SIP shelters, or shelters constructed from structural insulated panels, have many benefits compared to traditionally constructed shelters, such as those that are constructed using wood or metal framework, sheets of insulation and drywall. If you are looking to construct a shelter, such as a shed in your backyard, a new garage, emergency shelters or even a new home, SIP shelters may be a great option for you. Here are a few of the major benefits that these types of materials and shelters have over traditionally constructed shelters. 

SIP Building Materials Can Speed Up the Construction Process

SIP building materials are panels that fit into the wood or metal framework of a building. These panels are pre-constructed and are basically a mix of insulation, drywall, texturizer, and paint. When a typical building is being constructed, a professional has to fill in the framework with insulation and then lay drywall over that insulation. It can take hours or even a day or two for the drywall to cure or dry before it can then be texturized and painted. Using panels that are pre-made and ready to go helps to speed up the construction project so your building is completed faster. 

SIP Building Materials Increase the Energy Efficiency of a Space

The second added benefit associated with using SIP building materials to complete a SIP shelter is that SIP building materials increase the energy efficiency of a space. SIP building materials do have a wide range of R-values that you can select from, so the energy efficiency will vary based on the option you select. However, as a general rule of thumb, most SIP material has a higher R-value than traditional batt and fiberglass insulation. 

SIP Building Materials Are Cost Effective

The last benefit associated with using SIP building materials when constructing a SIP shelter is that SIP building materials are cost effective, which can help you to control the cost of your construction project. SIP materials are often made in a warehouse and take less time to make compared to the labor costs associated with completing a traditional construction project. 

Whether you are working for the county and need to get emergency shelters built as quickly as possible following an emergency situation, or you are looking to construct a forever home for your family to live in, SIP building materials can be used to build SIP shelters. Reach out to companies that work with SIP materials today to learn more about these products and how quickly construction workers can help you construct your SIP shelter. 

To know more about SIP shelters, contact a contractor near you.