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The ability to differentiate between home repairs and improvements that you can make yourself and those that will require the help of a contractor is a very important skill to have. Not only will this skill prevent you from spending more money than you need to on professional services, but it will also help you to avoid costly mistakes by attempting DIY projects that are out of your league. It is my hope that this information contained in this blog will help you to obtain this skill. More importantly, it is my hope that once you have identified a project you wish to take on, this information in this blog will help you to get the job done.

My Hope For This Blog

Painting Over A Fireplace: What You Should Know

Ross Stewart

A fireplace is nice to have in your home to keep warm during winter months, but it may be that the fireplace in your home was built when the house was constructed, and it could be several years old. If your fireplace is old, it may appear outdated. In this case, you may want to replace it, but the cost to replace a fireplace can be very expensive. Rather than replacing your fireplace, you can paint over it to give it a facelift. Here are tips on how to paint your fireplace.

Use The Right Paint

If you're painting over brick or stone, you need to use paint that can cover this material. Talk to a paint specialist about what type of paint you need for this type of job. If you are looking for an all-over coverage, you need to add several coats. If you're just looking to white-wash your brick/stone, add water to your paint and stir it in. The more water you use, the less paint coverage you'll end up with. If it's still too much paint, you can use a rag to wipe away much of the paint you put onto your brick/stone. When painting the hearth or the metal box of your fireplace, you need to use paint that can withstand the heat. If you have tile around your fireplace, you can paint this as well, but again, you'll need to use paint that will cover tile such as epoxy. 

Take Your Time

Painting over a fireplace can be a time-consuming project. Don't paint it in a hurry, or it'll end up looking like a hurried job. Take your time to do this project the right way. If you have a large fireplace with a lot of brick, you may have a big job on your hands. It will take time to paint in between all of the bricks, but this is necessary to get the coverage you're looking for. If it's too big of a job for you to do on your own, hire a professional to paint your fireplace for you.

Painting a fireplace can give it the new look you're going for. If you aren't up to this task, hire a professional painter. They can do the work for you and you can sit back and enjoy your fireplace much sooner than if you did it on your own. Contact a company, such as Albrecht & Son LLC, for more information.