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My Hope For This Blog

The ability to differentiate between home repairs and improvements that you can make yourself and those that will require the help of a contractor is a very important skill to have. Not only will this skill prevent you from spending more money than you need to on professional services, but it will also help you to avoid costly mistakes by attempting DIY projects that are out of your league. It is my hope that this information contained in this blog will help you to obtain this skill. More importantly, it is my hope that once you have identified a project you wish to take on, this information in this blog will help you to get the job done.

My Hope For This Blog

  • Tips For Making Money With Recycling

    9 January 2015

    Are you concerned about the environment and want to lessen your impact? Or maybe you just want to make some spare cash? Whatever your reason, metal, glass, plastic and cardboard recycling can be the solutions you're looking for. Follow these tips to get the best results: Cardboard recycling: It won't net you a lot of money if you've only got a small amount, but cardboard recycling can at least help keep landfills from filling up as quickly.

  • Why You Need A Whole House Water Filter

    5 January 2015

    Tap water contains moderate to heavy levels of contaminants which could cause serious health problems for you and your family. Installing a water filter that can clean your home water is therefore an important step in making your home safer and ensuring you have clean water for drinking, laundry and bathing. While there many water filtration systems you can choose, whole house water treatment represents the current pinnacle of water cleaning technology, capable of removing all contaminants from your home water including heavy metals, bacteria, scale and dirt.

  • 3 Pieces Of Material Handling Equipment Every Contractor Needs

    5 January 2015

    As a contractor you need to invest in the best tools and equipment to ensure you get the job done right, and can work as efficiently as possible. This is true for general contractors and for those who oversee large job sites. Consider some pieces of material handling equipment that every contractor needs to purchase or should consider renting for their site: 1. Drywall lifts Because of its size and weight, drywall is very easy to break especially when lifting it overhead.

  • Two Tips To Keep Your Plumbing Fixtures Problem Free

    28 December 2014

    Your home's plumbing fixtures are essential devices for allowing you and your family to easily use the plumbing system. However, these fixtures are exposed to a constant barrage of challenges. In particular, the kitchen sink is one of the most used plumbing fixtures in a home, and this makes it more likely to encounter problems. Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow to help ensure your plumbing fixtures avoid these routine issues.

  • Five Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Wood Windows And Make Them Last Longer

    22 December 2014

    For one reason or another, you may have chosen to have wood windows installed in your home. They look great, and can give your home a warm feeling, but they also need to have repairs and maintenance to last a long time. This can include things like repairing wood, painting and caulking the windows from time to time. You can also do things like add window film if you want your windows to have a better energy performance.